• Monday Noon–7pm*
  • Tuesday Noon–7pm*
  • Wednesday Noon–7pm*
  • Thursday Noon-8pm*
  • Friday Noon–8pm*
  • Saturday Noon–8pm
  • Sunday Noon–7pm
  • * buying days
  • If you want to sell on weekends,
  • you MUST call first to make an
  • appointment.

buy, sell, and trade with us

Cash or in-store credit - We pay cash but offer 20% more in trade.

Books - We specialize in science fiction, fantasy, horror, literary fiction, popular science, creative non-fiction and biographies. We're not interested in romances, computer books

Records - We focus on punk, indie, metal, 70’s and 80’s rock and new wave. We’re not interested in gospel records, etc.

Large collections - If your collection is large, email us to arrange for pickup.